Copying original DC games

How do you make a working backup of an oringinal DC game, I have tried all without success. Examining the cd shows a seperate ring on the inner circle of the cd.

GrEeTs FrOm The UK

Hey, you cannot make a copy using a CD drive!

The only way is to get a double-crossed Ethernet cable OR modified parralel cable and connect it to your Dreamcast.

Using parallel cable it can take up to 24 hours!!!

Using Ethernet it can take up to 1 hour!!!

Of course you need a network card (preferably 10/100Mbit and CAT5 cable)

For A LOT of information about Dreamcast copying, give a visit!

Of course, you can also download a Dreamcast rip from the Net.

To make one yourself, it will take you a lot of time and quite a bit of technical knowhow!!!