Copying Original CD-RW, software refuses

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble copying an audio CD-RW that I made with a SuperScope PSD340. I recorded a piano performance for a college competition, but I no longer have access to the SuperScope, so I’m forced to make a copy on my computer. That wouldn’t be any trouble, except I can’t find any (free) software that allows copying audio CDs, even if they are CD-RWs!

Are there any free programs that can help me? I’ve tried ImgBurn, IsoRecorder and MagicISO; none of them worked.


Exact Audio Copy

Thanks Kerry56, but I should have mentioned I need an ISO… :doh: I’m trying to make CD-Rs for the judges, as their players may not support CD-RW.

What makes you think you need iso?

According to the specs:

“Superscope’s CD recorders record uncompressed 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz compact disc digital audio”

I need a bit-for-bit copy (not sure if I can get one with EAC). But nevermind, my piano teacher has a PSD340 so I borrowed it from her. Thanks anyway!

On the other hand, I’ll use the Exact Audio Copy to split the CD into tracks for my friends, since I recorded a single track (you’re not allowed to send the cd in with tracks)