Copying only audio from dvd and not the picture?

Just wondering if anyone knows how to just burn the audio from a movie and not the picture so i can play it on a cd in a cd player ??? could anyone please help me or is it possible. thanks

yeah try dvd audio ripper

You can also look here:

or here.

I do it with the good and old DVDDecrypter.


you may try x2cd music cd converter from

The link indicated by Osh gives a very compreensive guide but there is just a small detail you need to clarify.
The files given to Nero Burning Rom are AC3 2chn 48Mhz, the plugin seems to accept it but does Nero convert it to the right frequency?
Audio CD uses 44.1 Mhz instead of 48Mhz, this last one being used for DVD sound tracks.
Ok there is no big deal of dif but if require the right Audio CD specifications and play the disc in a good Hi-Fi system it can (or not, depending on your requirements) be an issue.

"Ok, this guide covers how to simply copy a extract the audio from a video DVD to a audio CD. The resulting quality should be excellent, almost as good as the original DVD sound quality.

I just did a non scientific comp test. original Eagle dvd and a cd copy of the same and with my Denon A/V reciever and Mirage speakers they both sounded top notch.