Copying Off Of Harddrive

I used AnyDVD with Nero Recorde to back up a copy of a DVD onto my hard drive. Now when I try to use Nero Recode to burn that DVD, it says the DVD is copy protected. Is there a way to have AnyDVD look at a hard drive folder?

I use nero to burn but dvd shrink (free) to encode from the HDD. You might want to use shrink to see the Video TS folder and in shrink check the box that says use nero to burn.

this doesn’t really address the question

@ the original poster:
you’re saying you RIPPED the dvd with no problem? this means there is no more copy protection on the files that have been ripped to your hard drive. anydvd has done its job.

are you sure you’re opening the files in recode? I’m thinking maybe you closed anydvd then pointed recode to the data on the disc in the drive…

what title are you ripping? that can sometimes help if someone else has had a strange experience with it.

are you getting the copy protection error at the burn phase (which would be really confusing) or is it when you try to transcode?

be a little more specific about your order of operations and what’s going on. If you got something to rip to your hard drive there’s no way there’s copy protection on it (otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to rip it)

also if you could post the exact version numbers of the programs you’re using and the exact message you get when you run into trouble, that could be helpful as well.

Thanks for your suggestion abotu DVDShrink, however, when I tried to burn “using Nero” through DVDShrink, it gave an error. So again, I went to Nero and tried to import the files that DVDShrink encoded but got the following error:

‘Nero Recode 2 encountered and error and can not continue. This DVD is copy-protected! Copy protection error -The read failed because the sector is encrypted.’

I tried importing the orignal files that I had ripped using Nero with AnyDVD and I get the same error. I do not have the DVD in the drive, so it’s not that I am pointing Nero to the wrong place. I ripped “National Treasure” to my hard drive with Nero and AnyDVD and it worked fine. Now when I try to burn the encoded files from my hard drive to DVD with Nero I get that copy-protect error when I am importing the files into Nero. I am using AnyDVD - I upgraded but had a problem with another DVD so I put it back to and the new DVD worked. I am using Nero Record

Also, I can play the files off of my harddrive with my DVD playing program.

you are very far behind in your anydvd version. you do realize the current version is and your version hasn’t been valid in MONTHS.

i’m going to suspect that there’s some error or problem with the disc that your version of anydvd is having issues with.

upgrade to the latest anydvd and use the included ripper function (right click on the fox, rip to hard drive) and you should have no problems loading up into recode.

i strongly believe that your problem is related to your outdated software and it woul dnot be prudent to continue to troubleshoot if you don’t keep your software up to dat ebecause old software introduces a myriad of possible problems that would be impossible to pinpoint.

OK, so I have upgraded to and the problem persists. I have a copy of National Treasure on my hard drive. It got on my hard drive from the original DVD using Nero Recode and AnyDVD. Now, when I try to import the movie files into Recode to burn, it says that the DVD is copy-protected. Is there a way to tell AnyDVD to use that folder as my DVD drive to try to get rid of the protection. I understand that if AnyDVD got it onto my hard drive then it did its job, that’s why I find this problem to be very weird.

Hmmmm, maybe I can make a virtual DVD drive and see if AnyDVD recognizes it…

I’ll get back on that.

why don’t you just re-rip the original with your new up to date version of anydvd?

sounds like it’s the files themselves that are problematic and a re-rip is your best choice.

do as i suggested in my previous post and use the ANYDVD RIPPER that you now have in your updated version to rip the files from the original disc to the hard drive and let us know how that goes.