Copying of sf DVD's is definitely possible


yesterday I bought a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRW GSA-2164D usb writer, and I figured out burning sf DVD clones like toca3, xren, rainbow six, doesn’t matter what, I can burn them all on rw and play them on any internal or external DVD drive, reader or writer, it doesn’t matter.

ATIP funcion doesn’t work also. So burning and playing doens’t give any problem. I knew the method of patching cd’s but how is this possible. I thought hardware could not handle DVD copies of SF at the moment, so I have to say this is not true. I tried all kind of media and it didn’t matter which one I used, all of them worked :slight_smile:

So what did u do to obtain a working copy??

Very simple, burned in alcohol as image with rmps on, and played with rmps, I can play it in my friend’s computer in an internal writer without any problems, only have to activate the rmps emulation. Here I can play it in all drives. ( 3 ), 1 is external, 2 internal.
And the strange thing is: Only tm sunrise ( cd ) and SCCT I’ve got to play in my external usb DVD writer de-activating ide 2 in my bios ( for having 1 dvd player and dvd burner hanging on it ) for burning this way. All the rest of the games I tried i can play it without unplugging anything and in every DVD drive of my set. ( Of course burned patched I can play tm sunrise in every drive but I just tried out )

This is no more than an emulated copy, nothing new here, and this method can be easily defeated by a patch upgrade. True 1:1 sfdvd copy is still not possible, next.

Ah, thanx 4 replying, I didn’t know u could play an emulated copy from a sf DVD, untill yesterday, but why if it could be easily defeated why don’t they do it ?