Copying ntsc dvds to pal with standalone player and recorder



Looking for some help again.

Does anyone on here copy ntsc dvds to pal dvs using a standalone multiregion
dvd player and recorder,i was doing it until a few weeks ago when my
DK multiregion player broke down and now out of stock,
For the past few weeks i’ve bought and taken back a panasonic,sony
and hitachi multiregion players,because all 3 have stopped me from copying
them saying copy protected,don’t know why as the ntsc dvds that i was recording before are not bought films from a shop these are dvds that i get sent from america and are off US TV.

IF anyone does do this in the UK can you please please let me know
what multiregion dvd player that you use to copy NTSC to PAL

:sad: :sad: :sad:


If you get a multi region dvd player, you should just be able to play ntsc dvds on the player. No copying needed :stuck_out_tongue:


Could u clarify exactly what u want to do ?
I assume u want to copy NTSC dvd to PAL DVD - is this so?
Or do you just want to be able to play NTSC DVDs on your home DVD Player?



I want to record the NTSC dvds to PAl to watch them on my TV,as when i play the NTSC they just show up Black & White,as i said in my post
i was making pal copies up until a few weeks ago,i just need to find a
another make of dvd player that will let me make copies.

One other thing is that i’m a big boxing fan and the NTSC dvds that i get
from america are off tv and are boxing shows,i also trade with a few other
people in the UK and they also can’t watch the NTSC dvds.

I don’t have a dvd writer for my PC



aha… well i have seen dvd-rw going for around £30, you should get one. This one comes with label flash.

In the long run it will most likely be worth it, as if your dvd player fails, your drive will still be able to play your dvds on your computer. Then all you need is a program like dvd santa.


haveacigar thanks,but i just need a dvd player that will let me record the dvds,don’t want to do it on my PC