Copying, not downloading, kills music industry

I just posted the article Copying, not downloading, kills music industry.

A few days ago Home Theater Magazine came with the news that not downloading, but copying, is the main reason behind declining music-industry revenues. A survey from the University of Hertfordshire…

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Are you kidding me, I don’t own a CD player anymore but then again who does. Why should I have to buy a CD then pay the musician again to rip it to my MP3 player, these music industry cooks need to learn CD is circling the drain. The only thing I do with my purchased CDs is turn them into MP3s or lossless wma and toss them aside in my giant bulging CD binder. Get Real morons

Personally, I think that what kills the music industry is the music. Almost everything you hear today is crap.

Yes, The music killed the industry. It truly is crap nowadays. On top of that, the quality of CD production went to hell. Buy a music cd today and STILL, it doesnt have CD Text on it. They record the levels of the music so high, it sounds all distorted and like crap. The mixing is garbage, as there seems to be no stereo seperation anymore… it’s just all squashed together. HDCD was cool as well, but nobody bothered to produce them. You can’t buy stand alone cd players either for the past several years. I think this is a huge issue that caused people to stop buying cd’s as well. It all comes down to this: I can create better quality music cd’s at home on a burner. It doesn’t take much brains to figure this out. The music industry is just a total money greedy out of control idiot machine.

well who’s willing to bet that music industry will die becaus of climate warming rather than piracy?

well who’s willing to bet that music industry will die becaus of climate warming rather than piracy?

Perhaps this years American Idol will save the music Industry! :+ I know one thing, I never get tired of listening to Rap Music! Or looking at badass gangstas that wear 20 pounds of obnoxious jewelry around their necks - or better yet “grills”. /sarcasm

I wonder if these idiots even bothered to differentiate between copying your own cds to other media, or copying someone else’s cds to your media? I don’t know anyone who wastes time getting cds from friends just to copy. It’s far too easy to download. The only time my friends have ever used someone else’s hard disk was when they were too stupid to know how to rip their own MP3s. This is just another statistic. Lies, damn lies and statistics. :slight_smile:

  1. get rid of cds and distributors 2. make a legit software to share music (in partnership with warner/emi/sony etc) 3. company puts song up once and shares. 4. people download song for…mmm 90c 5. if people share song they get a 1 to 3 ratio (money) eg 30c (this saves bandwidth with company and gives people incentive to share) 6. no need to give refunds to people hosting, just use as credits for the next legal download you want! bloody simple :slight_smile:

What type of great lumbering pillock would want some of the current trash/noise/garbage they sell these days??? Wait a sec, I think I saw one earlier today at the local mall… The crotch of the crackers pants was halfway between his knees and ankles, a extremely baggy shirt, and he looked like he was completely stoned… :r

If they get rid of CD’s altogether audiophiles will be up in arms. All that expensive gear and all they will be able to play is lossy compressed files.

I want my CD’s! I will never settle for lossy formats such as MP3’s or AAC downloads at .99+ a song, and many with DRM. I think they are fine for playing in my car, or at the gym, but if I want the best possible quality, I’ll pop in a CD in my home stereo. It’s a shame many young people today settle for less. Many of them probably can’t even hear the difference between an MP3 or a CD, given that they are already going deaf from playing their headphones so damned loud. I just wish DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD’s gained in popularity. Wake up people!!