Copying non-protected videos

Can’t copy non-copyrighted videos with DVDFab platinum. Am I not doing something right. Source won’t even recognize video.Wildog

This shouldn’t present any particular problem, but is probably overkill.
Are the videos in dvd format?
What format are they?
Software like nero may be a better choice, but you didn’t give us any info…we can’t tell from your post what you’re trying to copy.

Trying to copy a surfing video my friend made himself. But also one of my bought DVD’s got broken and wanted to copy the copy made with DVDFab platinum so I would still have another back up in case the first back up got broken also. Format is DVD+R.Wildog

No, I meant dvd format as in structure:
[B]AUDIO_TS Folder[/B]…usually empty
[B]VIDEO_TS Folder[/B]…comprised of .IFO, .BUP and .VOB files,
not the format of the blank media.

These are probably .avi files since your friend made the videos.
Fab cannot process .avi files.
There are programs available to convert these files such as nerovision, Avi2DVD, etc.

I can’t remember the last time I did this.

Why can’t I copy a copy that I made of one of my puchased DVD’s that got broken.Wildog

Like I said, there’s really no reason, generally.
You didn’t give any details so it’s tough just to guess.
Is it crappy media, dirty, scratched, lousy burn ?
What specific problems occur…error codes/messages?
I have no problems copying bkups. Every once in awhile I take a look at some older bkups…make sure they haven’t degraded.

As I suggested, why not just use any burn software. Afterall, there’s no longer any copy protection on the disc. Try build mode with Img or try nero.

Are you having the same problem with other bkups?

I have tried it on several to see if I could back them up and it won’t even recognize the DVD in the source window. I have a Plextor PX-760A DL burner and I think it may be how the drives are configured, there is no designated master or slave drive.Other than this problem the software works great and never have any other problems.Wildog

What version are you using?
You could try to update or revert to a previous version depending…
Try disabling PathPlayer.