Copying neverwinter nights



anyone has tips on making a backup of nwn?





Tax, that’s a truly evil reply.

mabbasc, use the search button.
There are at least 20 threads about nwn on the forum.:wink:


Originally posted by philamber
Tax, that’s a truly evil reply.

Spent about as much time on my answer as he did on his question. Did not include any info on his hardware setup, the software he uses…

And by this reply I have at least spent double his time…and I doubt if we will even get a thank you or even see him back at all… (sorry, yes this kind of behaviour annoys me and I am not being pessimistic here, just realistic, based on my years of experience of this forum ;))


Got up on the wrong side of bed did you Tax?

True, some newbies never learn, they want a quick solution to their problem with as little effort as possible (remember a whole thread by you on this :wink: ), but not everybody is like that.

Show you have put in a little effort makes other users more inclined to help out. People in general don’t like lazy people, people who jump in, post their question quickly and leave right after, hoping someone finds the complete answer to all their problems… This may come as a surprise to you, but we’re not all that stupid…

I can relate to your first reply, giving an incentive for the original poster to reply and start your discussion, but your second reply is a bit harsh (regardless the truth).

But that is why you are the evil admin I suppose :bigsmile:


Tell you what, send me a copy and i’ll make you a backup :wink:

btw i live close to Eindhoven i’ll pop along and give Tax a slapping ;):cop:


buy nwn
start up writer program
copy nwn

done !

it might not work though … for more information about that , use the forum for at least 72 hours in a row