Copying Nero with Nero?

Hello, I signed up to ask my one stupid newbie question: I wanted to get nero 6.0 on one of my comps to my other computer, so I used…Nero!However, when I do this it askes my for my registration code, so I suppose some files must be missing. I only copied the “Program files-Ahead” folder. It’s got Nero 6.0 along with a bunch of other stuff (StartSmart, ect) What did I do wrong and what else do I need to copy? :confused:

Are you saying you just copied the Ahead Program file from the C drive? If so, you really need a full install of Nero on that other pc. You are missing a ton of windows system files, registry files, and other nero files that are in addition to on your Ahead Program file. You really shouldnt just “copy” but do a “install” of the full program.


Yep, thats exactly what I did, but how do I install it, short of buying it again? Is there an .exe file to copy or something?

same way you installed it in the first place?

Erm… That I don’t know as the guy who did it isn’t here anymore…
I must sound like a real n00b now right? :o

And the comp that has Nero doesn’t have internet…

Just to prove that I really do have Nero:

Gotta have pipes! :iagree:

if you bought it you must have the installer somewhere right? you must also have your serial number somewhere too. If it came with a cd burner you bought, it would be on a cd somewhere and it probably will ask you for a serial number too as it would be OEM and would only work on the machine with the burner it came with most likely

Have a look in your temp folder, maybe you’ll find the installer there.

On the screen shot you posted, click the nero logo at the top left (it’s not just a logo, it’s a button). That should bring up the page that has your serial number(s). Download the free trial off nero’s web site. Thats version 6.??? right? You will have to download version 6.??? as your serial number probably wont work with version 7.???.