Copying my Rover 75 (2003) NavTech CD



Hi All

I am new to this and after spending a couple of hours browsing the site I now realise just how complexed copying CD/DVD is.

However I hope one of you experts can help me.

I have a Rover 75 with a NavTech SaNav, I need to copy this CD but to date have had no success. I dont even appear to be able to copy it to my hard drive. I can view the files on the CD but as I say I am unable to copy them in any way.

Am I just stupid or is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance




Welcome Dave,

I suggest you start reading this thread Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc.


Hi — I have a Rover 75 Connoiseur CDT on a 51 plate with Sat Nav ---- I bought a new disc for Great Britain/Ireland 2009/2010 version, trouble is it does not work.
I have been told to download a update for the sat nav system and then it would work.
Anyone got any ideas where to find these updates?