Copying my PC game



Hey, i know there is threads of a similar nature but they are all quite confusing for me so i was wondering if someone could clear it up for me:
I have installed Football Manager 2007 on my laptop but recently my brother got a laptop of his own and has installed it on his, so he now plays it with the disk. So my question is how do i go about copying the game so i can play it on my laptop. And what programs do i need?
Thanks in advance!
Sorry for my lack of knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:


What you are asking, is illegal. Please read our forum rules.


Er no? I already own the game and i am not making a copy to redistibute, sell or loan. I am merely making a back up, which is perfectly legal as far as im aware?


^ No what you are trying to do is run the game on 2 separate systems simultaneously (i.e. yours and your brothers) with only one licence.