Copying my gaming CD's

Wonder if anyone can help here. It is probably a damn stupid question but here goes…

I have bought many games but feel loathed to buy another copy to play across my LAN… A ssuch, I want to copy some of my multiplay games that require the CD in them. I do not want to install cracks as a solution but would rather copy the CD.

Which CD burning software will allow me to do this and get around the security software on the CD when copying…

I run windows 2000

I thought Clone CD would do it but it doesnt :(:confused:

Hate to disappoint you, but byuing the software only allows you to play it on 1 PC at the same time.
If you want to play it on more than one CDs simulateously, you have to buy an original for each PC you want to play it on.

To learn how you can backup your games because you don’t want to scratch them, you should determine its protection and then use the right program and the right settings with the right hardware and you should be all set.

To learn more about the copy protections, search this forum on ‘ClonyXXL’

Two good programs to use are CloneCD and Alcohol 120%

To learn more about your hardware and its compatibility, check the CloneCD website at

This topic is closed for its obvious illegal question.