Copying my dvd's


I always take a back up of my dvd’s that i buy because i’m a little bit careless :o So i watch always my copy . Now i bought ‘The O.C.’ and i would do the same.

When i use clonedvd/anydvd he read the dvd, there is no problem, but when he writes it he stopped without a problem at 90-98%.
I tryed also smartripper + clonedvd
and dvdshrink + nero (= 100% written, but error at the end/closer)

it is so strange. Can someone tell my what’s the problem with de software/dvd/… and if i can do something about and, so yes, what?

Thanks a lot!


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually this problem is due to a low quality media.

What discs are you using? At what speed are you burning? What burner/firmware do you have?


I read in this forum that some people have the same problem and that they have reinstalled a old version of anydvd. I did that also and now its working. so straings…but i will never get a update know…Its the second time a update is a bad version of the original.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Keeping these softwares updated is surely a good idea, to cope with latest protections.

But if you burn on low quality media, even latest version can produce coasters.

there is nothing wrong with the latest version of anydvd. glad you “fixed” your problem but you’re now missing out on the updated decrypting capabilities of anydvd. keep this in mind for your next post when you’re wondering why you cannot decrypt some of the latest movies because the first suggestion will be to update your version of anydvd.

geno asked some valid questions to help troubleshoot. if you’re not interested in troubleshooting the problem any further that is fine, but be advised that what you have is a workaround and not a solution to whatever the problem might be.

if you’re still interested in troubleshooting, to geno’s list i would also add that mentioning version numbers of all programs you’re using is imperative as well as EXACT error message narration from any program in which you receive errors.

Reasonsnotrules is correct plus she said what I posted but hit enter faster. :bow: