Copying my DVD? dmr es15




I’ve compiled a bunch of home videos onto one disc and am looking to make a couple of copies for my folks and grandparents and was hoping it could work on the dmres15 (since that’s what I have).

Only solution I could think of was to let the DVD play through another dvd player into the recorder, but it wouldn’t get the different titles, right? Or would it? Wish there was just a COPY button hehe. Any ideas?


Sorry I just don’t understand, why not just copy you disc using your PC?
If are going to use the ES15 to make copies; simply press stop after each video to make them titles.


Can’t do it on my PC cause… well… I’ve a Mac… and all I’ve got is iDVD 4.0 and don’t really know how to get around to ripping my DVD’s and then rewriting them onto blank DVD. iDVD doesn’t seem to have that capability, and as of now, I’m too cheap to buy Toast…


"I’ve compiled a bunch of home videos onto one disc"
With no protection you Mac should be able to make a copy.


Any idea about how I’d go about doing that?


Can’t idvd copy a dvd?