Copying music

Hi all,
would anyone know of a program, or a way i can put 8 hours of music on a normal cd.r

If your asking about an Audio CD -R then no.
For a data CD -R you can put about 8 albums of good quality .mp3’s on that.
You need a CD player that will play .mp3’s this way.
Most standalone DVD players will play these.
If you go low quality on the .mp3 (not advisable) you might be able to double the amount of albums.

Hi Cholla.
thank you so much for the information you have sent me.
I am going to try using the data disc to see if i can do it. Once again thank you.

check these links

sorry, but that is a lot for a cd, you may want to use a very high compression format (though it will be most likely lossy)