Copying music videos from cds to dvds



i have downloaded music videos from the internet onto a cd and they play in my computer…but how do i burn them onto a dvd?

any help in the most simple language would be apprecitated.


Rockin’ Dave


Sonic RecordNow software will burn vids etc to dvdr,Thats what i use for the same purpose.


Cool, I have sonic software…how do you move it from the cd to the dvd…is it a direct burn or what…im just still learinin alll this stuft, thanks.


Im very much a newbie too lol.

Are you looking to store avis. vids etc on a dvd or do you wanna convert the video files to dvd format on a dvd to play in your dvd player??

If you just wanna store the files on a dvd…

Stick in your cd with vids,Drag and drop the files from the cd to your desktop.

Then select and right click said file(s)>send to>sonic recordnow then select your dvd rw burner in sonic and click burn,That should do it.