Copying mp3's



What do you mean by “copy” do you mean, burning on a CD ???

Just use NERO ( to burn MP3 to CD (both as AUDIO and DATA)…

Or do you mean “Creating MP3”
In that case you should use AudioCatalyst from Xing…

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is there a singgle program that a person can use to play and copy mp3’s, from what I can see you have to get about 2-3 programs. also where can i find tutorials on this subject.
thank you in advance…


HyCD Play & Record can do all the stuff, I don’t use it very much, but you should try it.


“music match jukebox” is pretty good… it converts from CD to mp3 in one go…and has custom quality levels.


I like Music Match jukebox too. I use it instead of AudioCatalyst. Just don’t like their Mp3 Player, but it let you play the songs in Winamp. Good.

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Yep, Music Match JukeBox is an nice programm. But if you want a programm that can play mp3’s and burn them you can use Nero or WinAmp. WinAmp is the best programm to do this because you can burn mp3’s and a lot of other formats.