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Is there a way to convert mp3 files so i can burn them on a cd and listen to them on a sterio cd player.Thanks for any help.


Get a copy of “Nero”

You can go straight from mp3’s to your CD on the fly.

No need to convert the mp3 first, with this program.



Hey dave8311, is it possable to get a little more info from you, like what settings to use.
Thanks in advance


With Nero, the “default” settings work for me.

When you compile a new song list, you just drag and drop the mp3’s to the list, and it converts them to the proper format for audio cd’s, in real time, while it’s burning.

To burn at 6x, you need a pretty fast cpu. 100mhz pentium will work at 2x record speed…250mhz for 4x…400mhz for 6x…etc.

Nero even has a “time line” at the bottom of the window, to let you know when you get close to the 74 min. mark.

Just drag all the mp3’s you want to the window, (up to 74 min.) and hit the “burn” button…thats it…

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This is great but what if the mp3´s are of a little lower quality than the normal khz? is there a program that is able to convert low quality mp3´s to “better” quality acceptable to the NERO program? I understand that the “sound” is still as a low quality as before converting…


You mean for example an 32kpbs mp3 to a 128kbps mp3. I always convert a mp3 to wav cdquality with winamp. then i make a mp3 of the wav with audiocatalyst to 128kbps


Thanks Dave 8311.I already have nero i didnt know that it would work .Thanks


thanx -
I should think before I ask
but thanx again


I tried it and it didnt work.It wont even let me copy my mp3’s.It says somthing like wrong file type or somthing to that affect.Any more ideas.I also have cdrwin.


This is my suggestion for copy MP3 to CDR
using Nero and Winamp.

use plug-in waveout in Winamp to output
the wave file, the mp3 files have to be 44 MHZ so Nero can recognize the frequency when
it write the wavefiles. (in my case anyway, don’t know why?)
select music cd option to create your cd
drag & drop the Wavefiles into the left panel then burn them.


Hey guys…this is straight out of the Nero “help files”

You do know what “help files” are…right?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Burning MP3 files (.mp3) with Nero

MP3 audio files (extension .mp3) have become one of the favourite file formats of the internet community, if compressed audio data is to be transmitted. That’s why Nero now supports burning of MP3 files. These files can now be dragged and dropped into Nero audio compilations just like wave files (.wav) or audio tracks (.cda) .
Nero is able to burn MP3 files „on the fly„, which means that you do not have neither to convert them first of all in wave format, nor to store the uncompressed audio data into a cache file before burning them. The maximum burning speed for MP3 files depends highly upon the speed of your processor, since uncompressing MP3 files require lots of floating point operations. As a rule of thumb can be said, that a 100 Mhz Pentium processor is capable to uncompress MP3 data at about 2x speed. A faster 250 Mhz Pentium II processor should be able to decode MP3 data at 4x or even faster. MP3 files can currently only be played under Windows 95, 98 and NT. Under Windows 3.1 the multitasking capabilities, required for asynchronous MP3 playback, are unfortunately not available.

MP3 files from the internet may be sometimes damaged. These problems might cause crackling noises. If such damaged MP3 files are dragged into a Nero audio compilation, Nero will then display a warning. There will be another warning in the Nero’s log file telling, that Nero lost synchronization within the MP3 file. There might also be MP3 files (extension .mp3) that cannot be decoded by Nero at all. Such files are probably either severly damaged or contain another audio file format like MPEG 2.0 or any other unsupported sound format. Nero’
s MPEG3 library currently supports only standard MP3 files (that means ISO MPEG 1.0 layer 3, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Just drag and drop to burn them.

Do you want to save them as MP3’s?..then drag and drop them to a “Data Compilation”

Do you want to make them into playable tunes, on any CD player?..then drag and drop them to a new “Audio Compilation”

Just don’t use a Re-Writable CD, for Audio…most Audio CD players can’t read those…

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Thanks again dave8311.I’ll give it another shot tomarrow.I should have read the help file.Thanks.


You can use the prog MP3toCD. Is a program where you just have to select the mp3 en set place them in a list. If you burner is supported you can burn the mp3 to cd whit the button record. The program to the conversion.
Now you can listen your music to a normal cdplayer. You can find the program on the site