Copying MP3 discs - best technique?

I want to make multiple copies of a CD of MP3 audio files for my students. Role plays of very British sounding people buying matches and mineral water or describing how they get to work by bicycle (really…!) :rolleyes:

What´s the best, most reliable way to copy such a disc? As MP3 should I copy with settings for an audio CD or a data CD…using CloneCD.

The first copy with audio settings seems to be fine…or is there something else…?

An MP3 CD is not an Audio CD but a Data CD, so it should be copied as such.

If I had to do it, I would make an image of the original CD (using e.g. the Read mode of ImgBurn) and then burn the image to new CD-R media using e.g. ImgBurn.

If you want to burn a CD containing MP3 files, without conversion into CD-audio format, then it’s rather simple.

Once you have all mp3 on your HDD, simply use ImgBurn to create an ISO file. Then burn that ISO on all discs you need.

Hmmm…the same answer in stereo!

I suspect you boys may be right…testing the 256 tracks on my copy via the audio settings started well but by track 28 it started skipping and couldn´t play 30 at all.

So, noted the ImgBurn suggestion, but I´ll try CloneCD with the data settings
(I paid for this baby…I wanna see if it will do what it says!)

Thank you thank you

ImgBurn is free, and it’s better suited for this purpose in my opinion, so I suggest to give it a try anyway :slight_smile:

Don’t burn your CD-Rs at the maximum speed of the burner.

16-32x is usually a safe speed for burning data CD-R and I usually burn at 32x without any problems. 40x and faster will cause problems in some combinations of drive/media, 48x will cause problems more often and 52x will cause problems quite frequently.

I fully agree with [B]DrageMester[/B]'s thoughts.

Imgburn, iso, presto!