Copying MP3 CDs?

I use EAC pretty much exclusively now for extracting audio and burning CDs, and I also have the latest version of Nero on my computer, but most of my experience with each application has been with copying CDs, compiling WAVs, etc. I now need some advice on something else.

I have gotten my hands on a couple of MP3 cds containing old radio broadcasts from the World War II years, lots of news reports, speeches, etc., really nice stuff.

The MP3s on these discs are stored at a very low bit rate, 32kps 22khz, meaning there’s an awful lot of audio packed on each disc, like 35 hours on one and 34 on the other.

I would like to make copies of these for some friends.

I have never fooled with copying MP3s, and from my first glance at the instructions/tutorials/etc. for both Nero and EAC it seems to be a bit more complicated procedure than just copying a disc or compiling WAVs.

So, I would greatly appreciate it if some kind soul out there could give me in as simple terms as possible … I mean the step-by-step, A through Z, “see Spot run,” holding my hand and guiding me every step of the way … the instructions/procedures/directions/etc. for making copies of these discs either with EAC or Nero. Thanks!

You just want to give them CDs with mp3s right? You don’t want them to be able to play them in normal CD players? If so, just open up nero/clonecd/pretty much any cd writing program and click copy cd. If you moved the files to your hard drive, say write data cd.