Copying Morrowind



I am making a backup copy of my game morrowind: the elder scrolls and I dont know where to begin. Clonyxl says its sd2 protected but when i burnt it in blindwrite and tried to install to make sure it was good, it said “please log in with admin abilities and try again” on my other comp. it said “please eject and reinsert the cd and try again”

It is a pc game. Anyone successfully done it and could tell me how to (step by step)? Thanks. :wink:


I copied it a couple of years ago using Alcohol 120%.


could you please tell me how because i did what it said and its creating an image now and it says disc read error at every 10 sectors lol


anyone? :frowning:


If it is Safedisc 2 then the errors are normal. Just let the program continue.


thanks Im using discjuggler and its been going for over 1 hour and only 1 percent done, is this normal??


I am going to switch to alcohol or get someone else to do it for me :slight_smile:


Follow this guide to create the best settings for discjuggler and safedisc! :slight_smile: What burner are you using btw?


how do i find out lol im only 15 and this comp. was given to me from my dad


Oh duhhh kaylee lol I see now

My d drive is a Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-348B


I did it!! Ty anyways im so proud now on to battle realms


Ok help again!!!

It works on one computer, but on my other computer it says “Please log on with administrator privileges and try again”



The account that you are using on the other computer is a standard user account. To get it to run on that one you need to log in as administraor and then install.


i am the admin :frowning: same on my bfs comp


i mean, my bf has xp so i lent it to him to see if it would work and he gets the same error

so far

Error: Log in as admin (which i am, i only have 1 account!)

Dads: XP
Error: Cant locate cd, please reinsert and try again

Sisters: 98
Works perfectly

Error same as dads


Why do you need the back-up to work on those other pcs?



Well it wont work on mine is what Im saying and Im figuring if I tell u it works on 98 u might be able to help.

Also this is gonna sound dumb but we switch comps alot in my family so i need to make sure it works on all of them in case i get switched.