Copying Millionaire DVD Version 3

A few months ago in response to a thread asking about copying
the Millionaire DVD version 3, a member called “baahawk” said

millionaire 3 cracked
“Use dvd shrink then nero recode then take off the first sound file in extras and it will and work I’ve tried and it does”

I have both the suggested programs and the original DVD but I am
having trouble following these brief instructions.
I wonder if someone would please ‘spell it out’ to a ‘Newbie’ how
to go about this.
I tried opening it in DVD Shrink then copying the files to the hard drive,
then I opened these in Nero Recode but I don’t know which is the
'first sound file in extras".

Sorry to ‘bump’ this question…but can [B]anyone[/B]
point me in the right direction…please :confused:

You’re talking about this thread. You tried the other advices mentioned in the thread, I got no experience with this kind of DVDs so I’m in the same position as you are.

Concerning Nero Recode I got no experience either so you’ve to play a bit with the settings and read the manual I guess.