Copying Metal Gear Solid 2

I dont know how to do it!
what programs do i need?
btw i can extract an image but its 4.707 mb so it cannot be written by nero!

Hey…im not a real newb,its just that Clone Dvd cant make iso images and when i tried to burn an nrg image i had make of the the disc with nero,the process ended but the dvd is ureadable,everywhere!
can someone help,guide on how to do it?

is checking out this site on MGS and making rip,Extracting the hidden files on MGS2 PS2 DVD9 games

goodluck and have pfun!:bigsmile:

unfortunately,im talking about the pc game…any advice on how to do it?

Hi there Doomforce , welcome to the forum.

First of all you need to check out if the cd-roms you try to backup do have some kind of copy protection.

To leave some fun in the research i will not post links in this message , but encourage you to use the search button , google or the other various engines the internet has to offer.

To check if the cd-rom does have a copyprotection i would recommend the usage of the program ClonyXXXL.

If you now know the copy protection , it’s best to follow some leads in the other forums on how to try to copy these kinds of cd-roms. We have set up a CloneCD , Nero , Alcohol and various other forums for this. There is extensive help for all kinds of copyprotections such as SecuRom , SafeDisc , etc.

Good luck and if you can’t find anything , you’re free to ask of course.

Regards ,

Mr. Belvedere

i havent mentioned that i’ve been lurking in the forum for a year or something,and i know pretty much on CD protections.
i just dont know anything on the dvd side…and mgs2 is probably dvd-9…i cant figure out what to do.
anyway,thanx so far for the interest.

dvd-9 ?

nothing to do about

Okay, it can be done with the help of a crack!


Geesh…I know illegal stuff and I want to get CD Freaks into trouble by telling everyone about it here…

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.
Consider yourself warned!

Unfortunately we do not allow the mentioning of cracks on this forum and therefore i will close this topic until further notice.