Copying medal of honour using CloneCD

can someone please give me a simple way of creating a backup copy of medal of honour. I know it is something to do with safedisk 2. Ive been told about 6 different wasy and I justwant to know the easiest and effective way!!!


Medal of Honor is safedisc 2.52.21 so need a good writer…with clonecd 4 it has been reported that more writers can make backups…

if you have a liteon cdrw …24102B, 32x or 40x cdrw(there are other cdrw that work…Asus 16x for example) it will make a working backup with no problem…other writers will need amplify weak sectors set on

Read: Fast error skip only
maybe AWS on
close last session

In clonecd 4…just use the game cd option Olli made…this produce a good backup if your writer is capable

can you please state your writer, reader and version of clonecd so I can help more

BTW if you live outside US( and I think Japan) AWS will be an option you can use

hey m8, u sound like u know wot ur doin

my writer is a memorex 24x10x40x

and i have cloneCD version

does that give u any help?

Thanks nealh.

@neo_0147 read this and this. Get back to us if you still have trouble :wink:

neo0147…it appears you writer will do the newer version of SD2…so in clonecd… if I read Futureproof links properly

Fast error skip only checked

no amplify weak sectors is not needed
close last session
burnproof checked…

good luck