Copying MATRIX

I’m trying to copy MATRIX using DVDxCOPY, but in chapter split there is written: 99 chapters. But i know there are only 38 chapters in MATRIX. is this a kind of protection? If i set split at chapter 14, there will be problems? How can i bypass this protection?

I’ve heard Matrix is a hard dvd to reauthor with all kinds of tough and annoying stuff.



You ask the wrong question. You should have asked how to bypass DVDXCopy…

I have just made a fully working copy of Matrix - white rabbit and all - with excellent video quality. It took me 25 minutes. I used DVD2One in ‘full disk’ mode.

In my opinion the methodology of DVDXCopy leads down a blind alley. Splitting a DVD is a very difficult thing to do. The menus don’t work properly. You have to introduce prompts to instruct users to insert the other disc. It can be next to impossible to determine which files are required and on which discs. Moreover, you incur the cost of two blanks instead of one!

The ‘split the disc’ philosophy dates back to Derrow’s freeware tools, which were a step up from spending half your life fooling around with pirated copies of CCE. It continues from a mistaken belief that this is the only way to maintain quality.

But this is no longer true. Modern compression algorithms will give you a backup copy which is to all intents and purposes every bit as good as the original. People will tell you this is not so and that they can see compression artefacts and God knows what.

Ignore them.


therefore there isn’t a way to copy it using DVDxCopy? (i bought DVDxCopy, i don’t want to buy another product)

Why don’t you just accept the defaults it’s offering you? Ignore the spurious 99 chapters; the program is confused by the complexity of the Matrix DVD.

The best way to proceed with DVDXCopy is to let it do its stuff up to the point where it wants to burn the DVD. Then use Windows Explorer to set the folder and files created by DVDXCopy to ‘read-only’. Finally, close DVDXCopy.

You can now use your PowerDVD, WinDVD, CinePlayer or whatever to play the files and see if you are happy with the results. If you are, use Nero (or the burning software you prefer) to create the actual DVD.

Note: it is important to set all files to read-only before cancelling DVDXCopy. If you don’t, the program will delete them!


OK, but will those files work (also specials?)? I’ll try this method, thanks

i have heard that the matrix is a very interesting disk to copy.

Peter McCall what version of dvd2one did u use. i see that you wrote it has a full movie verison and just wondered if you were using the new 1.1.2 version.

also what did u use to ripp the matrix just curious.


  1. DVDDecrypter 3.1.5
  2. DVD2One 1.1.2

I would always assume with a disc like Matrix that it would be safer doing a whole disc copy. That way I know that all the files are there, just in case it decides to banch off in some unpredicted direction :wink:


pete has the compressions method changed any in this verison or is the compression pretty much the same? Reason i ask is becuase i made a moive only back-up of up in smoke and i could see a alittle pixlation (not sure if this is the term) on the areas of the concert where there was a lot of darkness. this was done with the orginal dvd2one v1.0


I don’t think so, not enough to make a significant difference anyway.
I suspect the improvement some people have commented upon stems from the ability of this version to drop audio tracks, thereby making more room for the video.
Dropping a big DTS track would definitely help with video quality.

The pixellation visible in dark areas has been noted. Dark scenes tend to be given fewer bits by the original MPEG2 encoder. Then, compressing the image further still by programs such as these can push the quality just a bit too far and introduce artefacts.
You are more likely to encounter this problem the bigger the original.


ah… thanks. I did a spiderman back-up and couldnt really notice the pixellation cause of corse this is a brighter movie.

what audio should i be using AC3 6ch?

and what exactly is the difference between the AC3 2ch. i take it that one is bigger in size than the other one? (DTS vs DD5.1?)



ps. just got the new version of dvd2one so i will be playing with that and seeing whats up with the “full disk” mode

You’d normally use AC3 6ch.
The 2ch variety is usually reserved for Director’s Comments and that kind of thing.
DTS (Digital Theater Systems) is a very high quality sound track requiring specialised hardware to decode and play. More relevantly to your purposes perhaps is its large size. If you don’t need it, you might feel its space could be better occupied by higher quality video.


i copied matrix last night with instant copy v.7.0 and had no problems.

i used dvd decryptor to rip all file to the hard drive, and than i used instant copy to do the rest.

i have a full copy of the matrix in 3 hours, with good quality.