Copying Live CD

I just got a live CD that i need to copy.The problem is that i noticed that it has nearly 10 second gaps between the songs.
Those gaps are not empty but they contain the crowds voice.

How can i include these gaps in the copied CD?
If i set a 10sec gap with Feurio will that be an empty gap or not?

Detect the gaps with EAC, rip the wav files, let EAC create cue-sheet, burn the files according to the cue-sheet.

Or make a 1-1 copy with Nero and everything is copied automatically.

Thanks , i think i’ll try the Nero solution it sounds easier.

Does your drive read index marks?
That’s what you need. (I suppose that those gaps are index-0 zones with music in them).

If your drive reads index marks you only need to do a direct copy with any program. (Feurio CD-Writer is as easy as Nero)

If you want to make a compilation (to edit or add songs) Nero doesn’t work because it doesn’t read index marks.

The best and easiest is Feurio:
Just enable “Read index marks” when making compilation and you can hear and see it in the Track Editor if they’re fine.

Of course, you need a drive that can read index marks correctly.

Originally posted by The_Judas
Those gaps are not empty but they contain the crowds voice.

Those “gaps” are not gaps, there’s sound there. Just copy the whole thing normally. All the above advices will work…

Ooops you’re right Mango :slight_smile:
My English language skills are a bit messy i guess.

Anyway i own a yamaha 2100e drive, i’m not sure if it reads index markers , but i’ll have in mind all those advices you all gave me.

Your Yamaha reads index marks without problem according to Feurio:

So, those pauses are index-0 marks, then?

OK let me explain it better.

Whenever a song finishes , there is a nearly 10 second intermediate zone where you can hear the crowd’s voice and after that starts the next song.

e.g : track1 -> “10secs of screaming fans(!)” -> track2 -> “10secs blah blah” -> track3 -> …etc.

The intermediate zone usually is an index-0 zone. In most players the display shows a count down with negative times…
For example: -0:08.00 until it reaches 0.

Usually these zones contain silence, but some CDs have music.
These zones are only played when you hear the CD continously.

Nero and the rest of burning programs (except Feurio and perhaps EAC) don’t read these zones when making a compilation. They are only read when making a CD Copy and “Read subchannels” is enabled.
Well, they are read always, but if you don’t read subchannals (index marks) they are copied as the end of the previous song instead than as index-0…

A better explanation: