Copying individual scenes from chapters

Hello, I am David House, and so new, it hurts.

As part of a presentation, I would like to present selected scenes from a DVD of a television series. I own the DVD, and want to use these scenes as an example of competition between green energy advocates. I have downloaded DVDdecrypter and DVD Shrink3.2 to copy the disk, but, after copying, I cannot locate the file, let alone begin to edit it. Can you point me to a “how to” file that will teach me how to copy selected scenes to a dvd for later presentation?



DVD Shrink3.2 to copy the disk, but, after copying, I cannot locate the file

DVD Shrink will ask you where you want to save the output:

At the very end of the process DVD Shrink also shows a small box with a link to the folder/file.

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DVDDecrypter will automatically make a folder with the name of the video and rip to the largest available hard drive space.

Lets assume you have ripped the dvd to the hard drive using DVDDecrypter, and now have found the folder. Open the Video_TS folder of this dvd video using DVDShrink(click on Open Files). It will do a preliminary analysis of the files. Now click on ReAuthor.

In ReAuthor mode you should see a list of titles on the right side of the window in Shrink. Click on one of the titles that contains the video you want to extract. Hold down the left button on the mouse when you click, then drag the title to the left side of the window. I’m including a picture of this.

Now, click on the Start/End Frame Tool. I’m including a picture showing where this is on the left side of the window in DVDShrink.

Once you have the Start/End Frame Tool going, you can move the sliders to position the exact video clip you want to extract.

When you have the clip set the way you want, click on ok, then Backup. Then browse to the area where you want to put the clip. When you are set, hit OK and it will save the clip.

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The extracted clip will be a small dvd video. If you need it in an mpeg file to import to whatever program you are using to make the presentation, you can simply rename the .vob file within the clip’s Video_TS folder with an .mpeg extension. Hmm, that sentence is clear as mud, but it is really very simple.

Let us know if you hit a snag.

Thank you Mystic Eyes and Kerry56! I was able to find the file and use DVD Shrink editing feature to create the demonstration clip. Your instructions were very clear and saved me a great deal of time. I am very greatful.

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