Copying image file to disc

Is it possible to backup an image file to a cd-r. I tried but the image is approx. 750mb and my 80 minute disc won’t cut it.

I don’t think it is possible to backup your image onto a cd unless you get a larger cd and in nero use the overburn option. If the image wasnt so big you could have overburnt onto your 80 min cdr but it’s far too big. If you have ISO Buster you could also take some of the files out of the image to make it smaller so it can fit onto your 80 min cd and backup the other files on another cdr then if u end up needing to use it put the image back on your drive then add the files on the other cdr disc you took out and put them back in using iso buster then the image is complete again.

i hope this helps you


P.S. ISO Buster can be found at

Thanks, that does help. I will look into ISO Buster.

Please note that although the image may be 750MB it might just be around 700MB when writing the image. The image holds more data than actually will be written. Just load the image in your burnprogram and see if it works. Sometimes you can even see the actual size (in MB’s or mm:ss).

Thanks, still learning. I’m running out of hardrive space so I’m grasping for straws untill I can purchase HD with more space.

No, you shouldn’t have to remove any files either.

The image file is more than 700MB because it is composed of 2356 bytes per sector, or around that number.

Usually files are recorded in 2048 bytes/sector because the reader doesn’t record P-W subchannels, ECC/EDC sectors, and all the extra. The imagefile can be greater than 700Mb if it was recorded in RAW reading mode (isobuster can do that).

You will need to open it with ISObuster and extract all the files to your HD. Then reburn them.