Copying home burnt DVD+Rs

All I want to do is copy some DVD+R discs that I burnt on my Philips DVD/Video combo unit some months back … family hols, wedding, etc, etc.

All the discs have a simple video_ts and video_rm structure but I don’t seem to be able to copy the discs.

I’ve tried Nero, DVDSanta and a couple of others. I do occasionally appear to have copied the video_ts files okay, as in no error warnings, but when I try to play the copy, my DVD player simply displays “DISC MENU” and then does nothing, no matter what buttons I press.

I would have thought this should be easy but it seems not !!!

Exactly what do I need to copy from these discs and what software does it best ?

Philips DVD Recorders produce a mastering error on the DVDs.
However, I tried 1Click DVD copy with "Exact Copy"
and it copied perfectly.

Didn’t work for me !!!

In the end, DVD Decryptor provided the answer. It allowed me to rip the original to an iso file and Nero then burnt the image … end result was a perfect copy !