Copying high PI error disc to better quality?



If I have say some Riteks with thousands of PI errors and copy them to Taiyos which I usually have less than 100 errors the new disc will scan with low errors but will the Taiyo actually be better and more likely to function well on the players the original Ritek had problems on?




Thanks. It seemed like it might be a garbage in garbage out situation but any improvement is worth it.


I often copy my old Riteks to TY. The quality difference is “hearable” on Audio-CDs.


This would normally be true but if the discs is readable, even if there is a lot of correction going on, it is not garbage. The problem comes when the data errors are no longer correctable.


I managed to restore a disk yesterday which had a crack from the spindle center outwards for about a 1/3 of the disk. The original was completely unplayable in any stand alone player that I tried but with a plextor 716A I was able to copy the contents which burned almost perfectly to a yuden000 TO2 with a BenQ1640. Watching the movie I only noticed one small pop during the whole of the program. I think that the high PI errors indicate that it will be more difficult for a drive to play but as long as the content can be salvaged the new disk will be as good as if not better than the original.


You are braver than I would be. Those cracks have a nasty habit of expanding and causing physical damage.


That’s why I used a Plextor 716A - its seems to be able to read anything :slight_smile:


What chas0039 meant is, that you run the risk of destroying the DRIVE by trying to read a disc with a crack in it.

Read this story about a destroyed drive- and the disc wasn’t even scratched!


Yes someone posted a picture about 5 months ago showing his ASUS drive that a disc blew up in. Blew the whole front off the drive and had disc shrapnel everywhere. Lucky no one got hurt.


If you do a 1:1 copy the errors will be transferred over, and if you keep making 1:1 copies over time it will lead to generational failure. Of course if your copying the files off a DVD onto your hard drive with windows then burning back its ok.


If you do a 1:1 copy the errors will be transferred over, and if you keep making 1:1 copies over time it will lead to generational failure.

Um, no, this is not true.


No way … definitely not true - 1:1 isn’t 1:1 AS SUCH … the errors are corrected while reading … if there is an uncorrectable, it will be written as uncorrected/blanked.


There is no generational loss in digital copying as long as errors are correctable.

As long as the drives error correction can rebuilt the original data, it will be rebuilt, fresh error correction data generated and written fresh onto the new disk.


Agreed. All the trash Ritek G05s that had huge increases in errors after only 3 months were perfect when re-burned and corrected.


About a week ago I came across and since then with every dvd that I have burned I have also created an error correction file.
Looking thru old DVDs - some of which are 3 years old - I have found many that produce poor scans but are still good enough to re-burn. It may take time but I’m now making error correction images of all important old DVD’s as well as new ones.

However - even though I think that Dvdisaster is a fantastic program I’m greedy enough to ask - does anyone know of a better program ?