Copying Halo Combat Evolved



Ok i used alcohol 120% to make an image of halo after installing it like another website had said. Once i created the image i mounted it to make sure everything had gone smoothly. One i saw that it worked fined i used the image burning wizard to burn it to a disk. after doing so i uninstalled halo and any traces of it on my PC. After this i tried installing Halo with the burnt copy, worked like a charm. once it was installed again i tried playing it but all that happens is the halo window comes up and then nothing seems to load :confused: why is this happening??? and if you need some sort of emulation to play burnt copies then how do some ppl create fully functional copies which they take with them to use on other peopls comps when they are visiting for the weekend and what not


I dont want to double post but i just put the burnt copy into my other drive and it worked just liked the originaly copy and played the game fine… weird???


If one of your drives is a writer then you won’t be able to play a back-up copy without an atip hiding utility. However, this isn’t necessary if you run the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom.


On the previous thread, Is there any other way I can fix the Iso without buying the game disc?


Read this and this for all the help you need.


That’s bs, because that was my Halo PC… My friend borrowed it and moved, so he burned an image of it and sent it to me… I am not making a illegal game if i bought the game before… its my game, he sent me it so i can make a [B]lawful[/B] back-up copy… but as I said before the image doesn’t have the safedisc protection so i need to find out how to get it so i can go back on Halo PC because I’m not buying another copy…


You don’t have to buy another copy, get him to send you the original disc back and make him buy it.

If you don’t possess the original then you can’t possess a backup of it otherwise anyone who claims to have owned the game previously could use the same argument.

I’m afraid you most likely will get no assistance here.


dam, so there is no way I can get a safedisc protection program? cause I dont know where he lives… he doesn’t come on at all anymore, he probably made a new aim screenname ._.


Unfortunately no. You might be able to pickup a platinum edition of Halo cheap enough.


K, well thanks anyways…