Copying games



For PC I recommend CloneCd! But ofcourse there are some hardw. recuirements!!! But I also use Nero; but mostly you need a new executable or some crack!
For PSX I always use WinOnCd! Cause psx games are (still) not copyprotected, and in my experiance I've noticed that WOC is the best for psx!!
Good luck with it!


What games can be copied using CDRWIN.


If you dont want to use a crack, probably no new games, cause they all have some kind of copyprotection nowadays…


I have to disagree with Wookie, while I don’t use WinOnCD so i don’t how exactly it works i do use CDRWIN 3.8 for my PSX backups and just for the record PSX games are copy protected in europe (well definately in the UK). To overcome the protection you need to make an image of the game u r trying to back up to your HDD and then go to a site such as CDFREAKS and download a crack patch, this is then applied to the HDD image, now u can burn the image back to your blank CD.

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Go here 4 details on how to apply the patches and cracks.

visit for cdrwin & nero setup & info