Copying games/soft for ages....need help with audio please ( and thanks)



Ive been using Nero for about two years now....and lately, CloneCD , (lucky to have the right equip)....i've never been into the audio ! Can anybody tell me ...when you have an MP3 from the net, how do you get it onto cd....what're the best progs?....what are the best progs for just copying one track from Cd to make a compilation? there a dedicated audio info site (like CDfreaks for general soft/games) ?
By the way...I just bought a deadly Blaupunkt 10 disc CD changer for the car...(needless to say, at the right price!)

thanx in advance for your replies!

CD Freaks Rocks in ireland!


in nero you just have to grag and drop the .mp3 files and they’re autoconverted to .wav files, otherwise use a converting program like audiograbber (find it on