Copying Games/DVD Movies

I do not own a DVD burner but many of my friends do. I am looking at getting one to burn PS2 games and DVD movies, but unfortuantely, have no idea the software/hardware I would need in addition to the DVD burner to make copies of these “copyright” DVD’s. I am wondering if anybody could give me some guidance as to where to find the equipment or software necessary to do this. Is this hard to find?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look at this thread:

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Thanks a lot for the help. I checked out the forum for the newcomer. Now site like or for some good tutorials, can those all burn DVD movies? Will I need any additional software? Also, what would you recommend as a solid, and AFFORDABLE DVD burner?

I appreciate the help.

DVDShrink can take the movie and make it the correct size to put on a dvdr disk. It puts it on your hard drive so you can burn it with another program. So you’ll need another program to burn it. I use Nero 5.5 and have had good luck with it.

DVDDecrypter rips the movie to the hard drive, and will do so on scratched dvd’s better than Shrink, so its a good program to have around, but it won’t reduce the size of the files. If you want to burn it to a disk, you’ll have to use a program to compress the files. Occasionally I run into a movie that Shrink can’t handle, so on those I use DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink to get the correct size, then Nero to burn.

If the files are small enough to fit on a dvd anyway, (about 4.3 gb) you can use the iso mode on DVDDecrypter to put it on the hard drive and burn it to the disk. Most movies will be much larger than that though.

For a burner, look for the Pioneer A06 or the OEM version the 106D. If that is a bit out of your price range, the best choice would probably be the NEC 1300a. You’ll probably need better firmware with the NEC though, so look at for upgrades to the NEC firmware.

The Pioneer works better with cheaper media and may save you money in the long run.

Use good quality disks with the NEC. I use Verbatim Datalife disks out of Singapore. Most Japanese disks will be high quality also. Another possibility would be Ritek G04 disks bought online.

If you have more questions, post again. Lots of people around here willing to help.

I really appreciate the help. I do have a couple more questions:

  1. How fast does it take to read the image and then write for a fully loaded DVD?

  2. What are the chances that one of those programs WILL not be able to copy certain DVD movies or PS2 games?

I can get the Pioneer A06 for about $196 CDN. It is a +/- drive. Will this alter the performance for burning DVD movies/games?


Ripping speed varies tremendously according to your processor speed. I have an AMD 2100+ processor, slightly overclocked, and it takes about 25-30 minutes to use DVDShrink with the Deep Analysis mode. Thats to put it on the hard drive. You’ll spend more time than that doing the analysis and setting up the files you want saved.

Burning depends on the speed you choose. Most of the time I burn at 2.4x out of the possibly mistaken belief I get better quality at the lower speed. It takes about 24-25 minutes at that speed. 4x gets it down around 15 minutes or so.

I’ve never tried to copy a PS2 game, don’t own one, so I can’t answer whether you’ll be able to copy them. It is possible to find a dvd that will be difficult to copy. Usually because they are scratched, but the Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean has proved to be the most difficult one for me. I read the technical reasons over at, something to do with multi-angles. Shrink couldn’t deal with it for me, and Decrypter finally worked in my dvdr, but not in my dvd-rom drive.
Most of the time you won’t have problems.

Not sure I understand the last question. Getting a dual format burner gives you more versatility. If you find your player can’t handle +R disks, for example, you can switch over to -R. The latter are slightly more compatible with stand-alone players. Most people think +R gives better quality burns.

I have read that the Pioneer A06 isn’t as fast as some other burners in its price class. Anything else you could suggest that would be faster, and within $15-20 of the Pioneer?


You’re talking about ripping speed? I usually use my dvd-rom for ripping, but I’m guessing you don’t have one.

I think this would be a minor consideration. The Pioneer has the best firmware available for 4x burners out at the moment. Good quality burns and the best compatiblity with various types of media. Those are the selling points for that burner, and they are important ones.

If I were buying a new burner in the near future, I would be looking at three—the Pioneer A06 for a 4x burner or the Plextor 708 or the upcoming Pioneer A07 for 8x burners. But that’s just my opinion.

Lots of people around here use the Lite-on burners. There seems to be a lot of controversy over the 411s, but there is a new 8x burner out. You might want to research them as well.

Price will probably be a sticking point on the 8x burners at the moment.

I got the burner but I do not have the software to WRITE the images to the blank DVD’s.

Any free ones I could use?

Use DVDShrink to get your dvd onto the hard drive in a small enough size to fit onto a dvdr. The guides that were mentioned earlier will show you the necessary steps.

Then use Imgtool Classic and DVDDecrypter to burn the files onto your disk.

Here is a guide on how to do that:
All three of these programs are free.

The guide starts, but I do not know which program and wher ein the program it starts. Also, how do I create the Video and Audio TS filed? I got the files from using the DVD shrink.

Let me know how I create the TS files.

Thanksa lot

I think I understand what you are asking. You have ripped a dvd to your hard drive using Shrink.

Now, create a new folder somewhere away from where you saved the movie files from Shrink. This folder can be callled anything, lets say Movie1. This folder is actually a new directory.

Open up this folder, Movie1. Right click and create a new folder within the Movie 1 folder. Name it VIDEO_TS
Right click again and create a second folder. Name it AUDIO_TS

Make certain you use these exact names for these folders.

At this point you can start Imgtool Classic and use it to transfer the files you put on the hard drive with Shrink into the new VIDEO_TS folder in Movie1
The AUDIO_TS folder will remain empty.

Then follow the rest of the steps in the guide.

Is this what you wanted to know or not?

Ok, I transfered the files I used with DVD Shrink into the VIDEO_TS file and I tried to make an image with IMGTOOLCLASSIC but I get an error during it that says System Error #6. Any idea what this means?

I believe you use Imgtool to make an iso image of the files you made with Shrink. You don’t put the files made by Shrink by hand into this new VIDEO_TS file.

You use the files made by Shrink as your source and the new VIDEO_TS file as the target.

Once that is done you use DVDDecrypter to burn the iso image.

I followed all of those steps, but when I click image to create the ISO file, I get an error that says System Error #6. I transferred the filed I ripped to my hardrive into a folder names VIDEO_TP. This folder ws in another main one, also including AUDIO_TP which was blank.

Any suggestions?

That’s not what the guide says. The guide says to drag the files and put them into a VIDEO_TP folder. You select the main folder, Movie1, which has the VIDEO_TP and the AUDIO_TP and your destination is a place for the new ISO Image… But for some reason I am getting an error and following all of the steps listed.

I mean TS for the file names not TP.

Yes I think you’re right. I don’t use this program, so I misread the instructions on that guide. Will try to use it and get back to you.

Look here:

Talks about that error you’re getting