Copying from harddrive

I just purchased a CD-RW and would like to know how to copy programmes from my harddrive and burn them on a cd.The manual does not explain this method.Can someone help me or tell me where to find this info.Thank you!

If you want to copy progs from the hard drive unless u are copying an image u wont get the prog to work in the future. I suggest 1st of all you copy an image of the file and preferably zip it. Then whatever software u are using you can drag the prog onto the cd and click on burn.
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Macs : Huh ?!?!?!

Let’s take for example Nero (everybody else is using it, so shouldn’t you)
Start Nero and select to create an ISO 9660 CD-Rom. Don’t fidle with any settings you don’t know.
Now Browse with the Nero-file-explorer to the files you want on CD and just drag the to the other window. You can select differend directories on diferent drivers !

When you’re done just hit the RED Record button and of you go…

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pSyChO dAd

I get the impresion your tring to recreate a installable CD from a proggy that’s already on your PC… I’ve done this by finding the Dll’s and other files/drivers that where installed when the proggy was first installed. A good map for these are the uninstall file for that proggy. You can more often or not compile a new setup.exe with Installsheild. ~ Best bet though is to get a copy of the origonal CD and copy that via Disk Image.

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Just use Norton Ghost to backup your system!
Easy to use! Interested? Mail me!

or if you want to use it as a second (third, forth, fifth …) HD try DirectCD or any other packet writing tool.