Copying from DvD to VHS



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I hope some one can realy help me here. Can any one give me step by step as to how to connect my digital video stabilizer with correct wiring . DVD player TO VHS recording only!Not interested in DVD to DVD!!
! It all confussing me being a Girl and all. Cheers How does it all connect to the telly, dvd, vhs. many thx…Joanne

There are a few things wrong here.

  1. You should make your own post, you will get more answers that way.

  2. Why do you want to use stabilizer to play VHS on TV, not needed.
    If you want to record DVD onto VHS, stabilizer will not do a thing.

Connecting all your equipment to TV, I start with VHS.
There will be two connections on VHS. One output is 3 plugs, yellow for video, red and white (or black) for audio= Composite Video cables.
Second can be small round plug with pins (S-Video cable). If you use that you need audio connection also.
Find what is on TV and connect same to same.
DVD has more options. You will have first two, same as VHS and if it is a new DVD player it can have HDMI connector (rectangular looking plug).
If you have new TV it may have HDMI also, that is a best connection for DVD.
DVD can also have 3 plugs marked Component Video, in that case you need those cables, plus audio cable, red,white(black).
But all this depend on how many different device inputs are on your TV.

Thx D Uncle for your reply as you probebly know I dont know much about this area, but was trying to tape bought DVD that I have with 3 kids scratching the dvd Id rather have copies on VHS will this work with out a stabilizer. cheers