Copying from DVD+ to DVD-



Can someone help me with something that should be really, really simple?
I’ve got stuff recorded on DVD+RW disks using an Alba DVD recorder and I want to copy them to DVD-RW using my XP PC. (The Alba won’t record on the “-” disks but I’ve already got a lot of them). I’ve got an Iomega Super DVD ( which is the same as a Lite-on 1633S) but the software it came with (Hotburn pro) gives an error when trying to read the source disk.
I’ve tried copying the DVD-RW to the hard drive first but XP creates a file that is twice the size so won’t then fit onto the target DVD.
Any suggestions or should I just go out and buy more DVD+ disks instead?


All I can think of is that the + re-writable is a dual layer one and that’s why it’s making such a big disc image.
Try Alchohol instead to make the image, it might fix whatever was going wrong before.
If you were thinking of playing them on your PC, then you might have a problem though as a lot of stand alone DVD recorders use their own propiratory file formats to record.


Rip it to your harddrive using DVDDecrypter (save as ISO file) and burn it back using ImgBurn. Google to find both softwares.


Of course, if he had one of those, he’d probably be working at Mitsubishi and brought some prototypes home.

How about some better software? ISO Read and ISO Write modes in DVD Decrypter could do this whole job for you.


Exactly. DVD+RW DL is just vapour yet.


Thanks guys. DVD Decryptor does the job perfectly.