Copying from dvd rom to dvd burner

hey here is my problem im trying to copy from dvd-rom to dvd burner and the dvdrom is reading too slow and the dvd burner buffer kicks in and the light changes to red then yellow back and forth. the burner stops and goes waiting for the reader to catch up

why is this happening ??
the dvd-rom is a 16x it should be fast enough

using windows xp sp2
LG dvd-rom 16x
Lite on burner 851s
nero version 6.6 to burn

Various reasons may cause this.

  1. Is the writer set as master, the dvd-rom as slave (optimum: different ide).
  2. Which mode do the drives work in (dma, pio) ?
  3. Do you want to make a copy on the fly, i.e. without saving an image to
    your hd first ?

they are on the same ide channel
the burner is set as master and the dvd rom reader is set as slave
dma mode
and yes Im copying on the fly

i would recommend not copying on the fly, just create the image with your burner and then burn it, may take a bit longer but a better quality is guranterred.

ya but the whole point I bought the dvd rom reader is to do on the fly copies

You should then try to put them on different ide channels. DCD Copying on the fly is not the best idea, but it is up to you.