Copying Football Manager

hi, ive tryed to copy football manager 06 with ClondeCD but it didnt work!

i now have alchohol 120% i herd it works, how do i use this tool to get a WORKING copy of Football Manager 2006?


What is the copy protection schematic of Football Manager 06? Search the forum for several scanning tools.

ok, will do, ill get back to ya on it

just scanned and it has ‘SafeDisc 4.00’


That protection depends on your burner’s ability to write weak sectors. What burner you got?

nero, but i thought alchohol burnt the cd anyway?

the brand of your writer dude, not the software :slight_smile:

haha oopz…

(D:)Sony CD-RW CRX220E1

so can anyone help?

The Sony seems to be either a LiteOn 48126S or 48246S, which I think can burn weak sectors. However, I’m not sure if they can burn the ones from Safedisc 4, best way is to try it on Alcohol with the Safedisc 4 profile and see what happens.

i dont no how to use alchohol(120%) to copy the disk so it can overcome the copyright. sorry im a newb… help

When alcohol is installed, go to make image (put the original in now) and select Safedisc 4 as the Data Type. Then go to write image and burn it to a CD-R as Safedisc 4 data type. If your burner is capable this should have worked.

dam, my version of alchohol must b old, it doesnt have safedisk 4… ill c if i can find a later version

Just use safedisc or if that doesn’t work then try safedisc 2/3 (there is no safedisc 4 datatype setting in alcohol).