Copying folders to dvd

I just installed a NEC ND 6750 in my Dell Inspiron 5100, in place of the CDRW. And the first thing I want to do is copy my “My Music” folder (4gigs). Why can’t I just right click>send to dvd and copy that folder? Or am I missing something. I get a message that there is “No writable CD” in the drive.Please advise. Thanks Bill

You need a proper burning app like Nero or Roxio for this & create a data disc. Windows in-built CD writer is just for CDs & won’t handle DVDs.

Gotcha, thanks for the comeback. I’ll have to do some reading. Do you have any sites, tutorials, etc. for a true NOOB? Thanks again. Bill :bow:

Some guides for dvd burning. You may also want to check out The guides and walkthroughs there are amazing if you’re burning dvds.

Thanks for the Guides site and other advice, like I said, it looks like I have some reading to do. Thanks again, Bill