Copying EXISTING files with DVDFab



AS there really is no manual that comes with this program, and very lame FAQ on the website…is there someone who can tell me the procedure that one must follow in order to copy existing files in dvdfab?
when i browse for the source, i only have the option of choosing a folder and not individual files, then even once the movie is in its own folder and selected, i cannot seem to get it into the program…can dvdfab ONLY copy from existing dvd discs inserted into the hard drive? is there a program someone can reccomend to transfer existing video files to dvd format?
thanks, and i apologize if this is a common question/problem.


DvdFab is not a mastering or authoring program. It can rip and process a dvd or process a folder of files ripped from a dvd (whether by DvdFab itself or another program).

What exactly are you trying to do?


I echo the learned counsel’s question and add to it: what type of files are you trying to copy? DVDFab’s Merge Mode will let you take snippets as small as one chapter from up to 64 sources (defined as DVD discs, DVD folders on hard disc, ISO files on hard disc or any combination thereof) and put them all together in a single file or onto a single disc. I wrote and recently updated a summary of the different modes for DVDFab Platinum; you can find it here. Perhaps that will help. If not post back and we’ll have another run at it.:slight_smile:


What I am trying to do is transfer existing .avi, .divx files ([B]downloaded[/B] or otherwise) to dvd discs so that i can both free up the space on my hard drive, and have hard copies to veiw where ever i want…(for the most part, i am really tired of having to let my son watch movies on my ghetto computer monitor, when i’d rather be on the computer doing other things, and hed really rather be watching movies in the living room) i can understand if dvdfab cannot do this (and is not designed/intended to) and still fully appreciate the programs capabilities…but i am still needing a program that can/will burn dvdfiles, can you recommend one that will transfer them as fast as dvdfab does?
thanks guys, sorry-i dont know as much about computers, or this program, as most of you seem to (from reading other threads) but any and all help (dumb-ed down as much as possible :slight_smile: ) would be appreciated.


No, DvdFab will not designed for that purpose. It sounds as though something like VSO’s ConvertXToDVD is what you’re looking for.


I have the program philamber suggested and it works great. I use it for converting home movies captured from my camcorder firewire port to DVD. Reasonably fast and excellent video quality.:slight_smile: