Copying error 'invalid ms-dos function' any idea's?


im having problems lately with my burner seems almost everything i burn to a cd with nero or any other prog lately once i burn something, say, a movie file…if i try to copy it back to the hard disk from the drive i keep getting the error invalid ms-dos function sometime during the copy process and it causes it to fail copying…yet i can watch the video files fine from the disk :rolleyes: …it doesnt really seem like the data is corrupting but it wont allow copying at all

im using a LG burner (says lg on the front i forget witch brand) it runs at 52x max…fairly new…on win xp

im going to leave it at that since i doubt my hardware is the problem, just curious if others have had this problem before?

any help would be great…its starting to be a real pain…not sure if its the cheap cd’s or the burner or what…but if anyone has any info i would appreciate it


Your message i very old but hope someone sees these or you personally have a solution for this. I have the same problem.

Trying to read burned CD-RW’s and message “Invalid MS-DOS Function” comes up. Or even worse, if you try to install some software from cd-rw’s, system may hang. All of my cd-rw’s have the same problem, but cd-r’s work just fine. I’ve managed to save few files from “corrupted” discs but this is annoying. Upgraded my LG 52x24x52x cd-rw-burner firmware to 1.04 but didn’t help. Also SP2 is installed and all the new updates to Windows.

My friends computer also didn’t accept these cd-rw’s, same error.


I have the same problem, except that I can’t copy anything from any of my optical devices. I can stream, for example, an .avi-movie directly from a cd-r but I can’t copy the file to my harddrive.

Same thing with my DVD-unit.

I’ve tried everything I can think of.

I believe that the problems started when I installed a DVD-RAM drive in my computer, but I can’t “undo” the problems by unistalling the drive.

This beats me…