Copying episodes from a dvd



The dvd I have has crc errors while copying so i haven’t been able to copy the whole disc. If I use “main movie” feature of DVD fab I can get the various episodes successfully;but, when I go to burn with Nero, all the files seem to have the same names, eg: video_ts_bup; video_ts_ifo; video_01_0.bup; video_01_1.ifo; vts_01_1. Consequently, Nero will not let me burn all episodes on the one disc.
Could somebody offer some advice on how I could burn all episodes on the same disc?

Thank you
Dod :confused:


For an episodic dvd, Id select the full disc option.
CRC errors often indicate dirty disc. Try cleaning with alchohol.
If that does not work, youve got a bad disc, so rec exchanging it.
BTW, what dvdare we talking about.
Next time, might be more helpful to you to start thread on the DVDfab forum.