Copying entire DVD to blank DVD

I finally bought a DVD writer and software so I can backup my DVD’s. I do have one question. Why can’t I make an exact copy of my DVD on one blank DVD? It seems that I have to omit “stuff” (like extras) in order to produce a DVD with no compression. Is it possible to produce an exact copy without compression?

Obviously, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about how DVD’s are recorded.



Movie DVD: usually 5 or 9 Gigabytes
Empty DVD: usually 4.7 Gigabytes

Solution: Recompress the movie stream(s) to get it fit on 4.7 Gigabytes.

Tools: DVD Shrink, CloneDVD

Additional problem: Movie DVD is protected

Solution: Get rid of protection.

Tools: DVD Shrink, AnyDVD


Otherwise in some cases you could use DL discs 8.5gb.

Rapid Fire, will a DL recorded DVD play on a regular DVD player?

Depends on the used media, mediatype, burner (firmware), burning softwares and of course the player itself.

Sounds like a “probably not”.

Chances are high if you burn on Verbatim +R DL media and set their Booktype to DVD-ROM. :wink:

Like chef said your chances are pretty high if you booktype to dvd-rom.

You can check your home dvd players here.

DVD Player VCD,SVCD,CD-R/W,DVD±R/W Compatibility list.

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It is a compatibility issue. Some set top players do not like burned dvds at all, some prefer + or -. Recorded dual layer is just another format that your player may or may not be compatible with. In therory, most newer players should play them fine if you use good dual layer media like verbatium.
Fyi as no one specifically said it, Most comercial movies are dual layer (there is a semi transparent recording layer and a second recording layer under it). That is why you have to either compress it to get it on a single layer disk, or use a dual layer recordable disk that also has two layers like a comercialy produced dvd).

As posted above, dvdshrink is a great tool to fit a full commercial dvd into a compressed format that can be burned onto a single layer 4.7 gig dvd-r/+. Playback varies, but once you get your feet wet and read up here…other sites as well, but this is the best (just my opinion, biased…LOL) you can get quality burns that play on your set top player.

Tips and tricks for best results with your hardware are part of the learning curve…but it is very doable…:slight_smile: