Copying empire earth

i’ve tried copying empire earth with no luck, i’ve read all the threads and suggested settings and finally had a little bit of luck, once i used clony and went with the settings it suggested.
It says its uses securom new.
after copying with the clony suggested settings i could get empire earth to play if i checked (hide cdr) in the clone cd settings in the tray icon, but it would only play in the cdrw not the dvd-cdr.
if i tried to play it in the dvd-cdr it will start to start and then just stop.
Also if i try to play the cd in the cdrw player without the , hide cdr, checked i get this error …Empire Earth has caused an error in LOW-LEVEL Engine.dll…if you continue to experience this problem please restart your computer.
Tried restarting but get the same error.

using clone cd 4
lite on 40x12x48 model 40125s with firmware ZS0J
samsung dvd-rom sd-612 0.5

did you dis-able AWS when burning??

your Liteon should kill this disc by just using the Game CD profile. If you can’t then read it at 8x and try to change the media to another brand

If the game has SecuRom then you don’t need AWS. The error you describe is normal when you play the game without Hide CDR Media checked. The game will crash (some gives will just ask for the right CD though). I don’t know why your other drive won’t play it. Is it a combo drive (CD-R+DVD-ROM)? Then you also need the Hide CDR Media option. Try running the game with and without this option enabled. When this doesn’t work you might have a back-up that’s not completely perfect e.g. due to too high reading of the SubChannels. Try re-reading the disc with CloneCD using a lower read speed (some drives require a low read for a reliable Subs read). Please report back!

ok tried a couple more times to copy empire earth but no go, tried three different types of cdr’s, still nothing works.
So here is all the settings from clone cd 4 and how they are set…

when i start clone cd and choose the drive to read from, i choose the LiteOn 40125s, i then right click and choose edit and the settings for the drive are…

Fast Error Skip
Read Retries-------0
Error Correction—none (other choices, software or hardware)

Allow reading of subchannel data from data tracks-----yes
Allow reading of subchannel data from audio tracks----yes
Allow reading of cd-text from audio-------------------------yes

now i click next and pick the profile Clony and right click it and choose edit and here are the settings…

Read Speed Data---------8x (but i’ve tried faster and slower down
to 4x)
Read subchannel data from data tracks--------yes
Regenerate data sectors--------------------------yes

Read speed audio-----------------4x (and numerious other settings)
Audio extraction quality-----------------------Medium(fast)
Read subchannel data from audio tracks----------yes
Only read first session---------------------------------no

Fast error skip settings-------off (others choices are ON and AUTO)
Abort on read error----------------no
Don’t report read errors-----------no
Intelligent bad sector scanner—no
Sector skip---------------------------1

i then copy this to the harddrive and then once read is done i do the write with the following settings

Don’t repair subchannel data------------no
Always close last session-----------------yes

also the hide cdr media is unchecked in the clone cd tray icon

i figure i’ve got something set wrong is all i can figure, hopefully someone can tell me what i’m doing wrong or what i have set wrong.
sorry for such a long message and thanks for all the help.

did you try other software??

yes i tried cd m ate.
it will read it fine but then when writing it will lock up at 40% to 50% and the lite on the drive goes from red to a yellow and the computer locks up and the only way out is to reset it, guess i’ll get a copy of blind write and see how that does.
at this point i’m wondering if i should put my old plextor 12x10x32 back in my system and take the liteon drive back for a refund.
just bought the liteon wednesday.
but i still think it must be something wrong, i’ve heard nothing but good things about the liteon brand, thats why i got it instead of a new plextor.
got 11 coasters so far trying to backup empire earth

Another thought. You say the back-up does work in your Lite-On drive when you enable Hide CDR Media right? It crashes when trying to play from your DVD drive. Have you tried installing the game from the DVD drive and then playing the game? Could be the game is locked to play from the install drive only. I can’t see a reason in your posted settings why it shouldn’t work. One suggestion is that you should use the default error handling setting for your drive (hardware, read retries 3?). Regenerate Data sectors isn’t needed. According to FutureProof the Lite-On can make a coaster with SecuRom new when you also read the audio subs. Tried using the Lite-On SecuRom [NEW] Profile for reading and writing?

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
According to FutureProof the Lite-On can make a coaster with SecuRom new when you also read the audio subs.

That really only applies to the NWN (up to 1.20 version) and WCIII version of securerom new. There shouldn’t be any problem just using any of the default game cd profile, your custom securerom new profile or your custom Lite-on securerom new profile with empire earth. In fact, all that ought to be necessary is read subs from data tracks with everything else off.

maybe its a problem with the drive itself, says it was made may 2002. I upgraded it to 48x12x48 vs06 today and then tried again. Get the same results, it will play in the liteon with hide cdr media checked but nowhere else.
It will load the first screen where you choose what you want to do ie…start the game, exit, uninstall, install etc…
then when you click start to start the game thats when the dvd starts out fine and then just slowly stops…
if i try to play it in the liteon without hide cdr media checked, after you click start, to start the game it will give me the …error low level engine.dll

about the default setting for the drive it defaluts to
read retries 0

would it possibly be the OS, i run windows ME, and does it make a difference if the drive is on the primary or secondary ide??
i’ve had it as both secondary master and secondary slave but makes no difference that i can see.

at this point i’m stumped have no idea where to turn, the backups work the same on two other systems, as above

Hello. I also had the same problem and could not fix it after reading all the fixes which I tried and did not work but for me it was a direct x problem.I downloaded direct x 9.0a and installed it and the problem went away.

I too had very unusual results with this game that I still don’t understand. This was back when hide-cdr wasn’t around. you can read it in my old thread here:

Also, the error you get "error low level engine.dll " indicates a bad install as far as I remember, does the game run fine off the original?

I wonder if the game would run if i tried it now with hide-cdr enabled on the drives it didnt run on before.