Copying/editing/playing camcorder video - format -vr/+vr etc

Hi there :flower:

My wife is pregnant and expected to give birth some time next week.

Of course she’s been shopping baby clothes etc. Naturally I want to be ready too, so I want to buy a digital video camera so we can record and preserve the memories of the birth of our 2.nd child.

A lot of questions come to my mind, for instance: Make of the camera, video-formats etc.

I think I’m determined to buy a hard disk cam - may be with dvd-drive as well, because I’m not very fond of tapes in general I’ve read, that there are different formats out there e.g. dvd-vr and dvd+vr. What should I buy? I would like to be able to copy/edit them om my pc’s using my dvd-burners - and watching it in the livning room on my NAD dvd-player.

Please give me some input so I can make the right choice. Thanks everybody…

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If you only want to make videos and burn them to disc, the HD or DVD camcorders are fine.

But, if you want to do editing, special effects, MiniDV camcorders are by far the best method. MiniDV allows you to capture in DV-AVI mode, which is the best possible mode for quality and ease of editing. Hands down, MiniDV is the best. MiniDV tapes are very inexpensive, and you can save everything you record on the tape, plus the end result after editing, encoding, on DVD. Best of both worlds…