Copying dvds

[qanda]This thread is about the Acer Aspire 5920 G-302G16MN. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok firstly the laptop isn’t what i have selected but mine isn’t on the list that i can see. It’s an Acer Aspire 5735.
now to my problem, i have built in software to copy dvds (i don’t know what software this is) i have been downloading torrents for movie via limewire when i copy these to the dvd all is fine but when i put the dvd into a dvd player it says the disk is unreadable. i know my dvd player can take these dvds so its got to be the movies/software. any help and ideas?
thanks x

You really should find out what dvd software you have already on your computer. When you say “copy dvds”, do you mean burn them to a disk? What is the file extension of the movies you download (avi, flv, mov, mpg, etc)? What operating system do you use? What brand of blank dvd? What burning speed? How do you know your player can play the video files?

yes i mean burn them, you are talking to a complete novice, i have no idea how to find out these things let alone what they are! i know my player can play them as my boyfriends friend copies dvds and uses the same disks which i can play no problem.

I found out that the disk is- memorex dvd-r
i think the software is on windows media player could be NTI DVD Fit but i dont know how to copy using this just using windows media player
1 of the movies i am trying to copy says the extension file is mov none of the others say where i can see
Operating system i am presuming is Windows Vista?
No idea what a burning speed is!

Your memorex disks are not considered good media for burning. A mov file has to be converted to play on a stand alone dvd player.

Try this program to create your DVD,

This program will also burn the DVD, try using a burn speed of 8.

Thank-you very much!