Copying DVD's


I have recently transferred all my VHS tapes to DVD.
Now I’am looking to copy some of these DVD’s.
What’s is the easiest way to do this,please?

I have a DVD recorder or a Laptop with DVD burner.

I’am a novice at this,so if you can explain as simply as possible…Iand yes I’am that bad!!!

Thanks again


Assuming the DVDs are not copy protected I would use ImgBurn to create an image and then write it to a blank disc.
ImgBurn provides a nice interface for this where you just select “read from disc” or “write to disc”. In the next step you select the drive and speed and that’s it.

Thanks for your reply.

No the DVD’s are just home movies,so not protected.

Where do I get this ImgBurn from?

[quote=Setanta04;2224280]Where do I get this ImgBurn from?[/quote] Here: