Copying DVD's

I have used a Pioneer DVD-VHS player to copy family movies from VHS onto DVD. Then I finalise the DVD - this DVD plays fine on all 3 DVD players in my house. Then I put this copied DVD onto my computer - use Shrink with Nero to make an extra copy but this extra copy from PC won’t play on the 3 DVD players. I’m doing this because in the future (when I no longer have VHS tapes) I may need to make extra copies for family members. What am I doing wrong?


Are you using the same brand of DVD’s to burn the second copy?

Just use DVD Decryptor in ISO read mode (read the source disc and create a ISO image) and then ISO write mode (write the ISO image to the blank disc). You don’t need to use Shrink or Nero.

Have a look at this link (ignore step 4)

Thank you so much - did what you said and it works great!! You guys are great!

That’s good. Imgburn is the best DVD burning program around.